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Sei Tabbies
6 min readJan 30, 2024


Tabbies: Revolutionizing NFT Innovation — A Comprehensive Whitepaper

In the ever-evolving landscape of NFTs on the SEI network, SEI Tabbies emerges as a trailblazer, set to redefine the norms of the industry. This comprehensive whitepaper delves into the intricacies of SEI Tabbies, focusing on two pillars of its groundbreaking approach — an Innovative Raffle Platform and an Expanded Real-World Utility Ecosystem. Through these pillars, SEI Tabbies aims not only to captivate its community but also to establish a new standard for NFT projects, merging digital and physical realms seamlessly.


-> Limited Edition Mint Launch

  • SEI Tabbies will kick off the project with the release of a limited edition mint, offering unique and rare NFTs to early adopters.
  • Community Engagement Initiatives: To build a vibrant community, SEI Tabbies will initiate various engagement activities, including contests, giveaways, and interactive events.

-> Raffle System Development Kickoff

  • Development Commencement: SEI Tabbies will begin the development of its Innovative Raffle Platform, focusing on creating a dynamic and community-driven ecosystem.
  • Smart Contract Implementation: Implementation of smart contracts to ensure transparency, security, and fairness throughout the raffle processes.

-> Tokenized Raffle Tickets

  • Tokenization Implementation: Introduce the concept of tokenized raffle tickets, transforming each entry into a valuable NFT. These tokens will serve as both entries and collectible assets.
  • Community Governance Model: Launch a decentralized governance model, allowing the community to propose and vote on raffle themes. Empowering the community to shape the direction of SEI Tabbies.

-> Community-Driven Raffle Themes

  • Implementation of Community-Driven Themes: Integration of community-driven raffle themes, ensuring that the platform aligns with the interests and preferences of the SEI Tabbies community.
    Introduction of Tiered Prizes: Implement a tiered system for raffle prizes, allowing participants to win rewards of varying rarity and value. Encouraging strategic participation and inclusivity.

Mar 2024: Real-World Utility Expansion
Real-World Initiatives Launch: Expand the real-world utility of SEI Tabbies by introducing initiatives such as the SEI Tabbies NFT gaming Cafe’s and exclusive merchandise lines.


I. Innovative Raffle Platform

  • Dynamic Raffle Ecosystem

SEI Tabbies envisions a raffle platform that transcends the conventional, introducing an ever-evolving ecosystem of dynamic raffle experiences. Unlike static models seen in traditional raffles, SEI Tabbies’ platform adapts to the preferences and interests of the community. With evolving themes, unique formats, and a continuous stream of surprises.

1.2 Smart Contract Mechanism

Transparency and security are paramount in SEI Tabbies’ raffle platform. Leveraging smart contract technology, the entire raffle process, from ticket purchases to winner selection, is governed by tamper-proof and transparent protocols. This not only instills trust within the community but also ensures a fair and decentralized environment for participants.

1.3 Tokenized Raffle Tickets:

SEI Tabbies takes a step further by tokenizing raffle tickets on the SEI network. Each ticket uniquely representing an entry into the raffle. This not only provides participants with a tangible representation of their entry but also transforms the process into a collectible experience. These tickets hold intrinsic value, adding a layer of rarity to the SEI Tabbies raffle ecosystem.

1.4 Tiered Raffle Prizes

To enhance the excitement and strategic elements of the raffle experience, SEI Tabbies introduces a tiered system for prizes. Participants can expect rewards of varying rarity and value, encouraging strategic thinking and planning within the community. This tiered approach not only adds depth to the raffle platform but also ensures that participants of all levels find value in their participation.

II. Expanded Real-World Utility Ecosystem

SEI Tabbies recognizes the pivotal role of real-world utility in cementing its position as a transformative force within the NFT space. Beyond the boundaries of the digital landscape, SEI Tabbies unveils an extensive Real-World Utility Ecosystem that enriches the lives of its community members and establishes meaningful connections between the digital and physical realms.

2.1 Tabbies NFT gaming Cafe:

At the heart of SEI Tabbies’ commitment to real-world utility is the NFT cafes. This innovative venture transcends the digital space by bringing the essence of the NFT collection to life through a range of exclusive, limited-edition IRL Brands. Token holders gain privileged access to these cafes across Asia, each uniquely branded with SEI Tabbies NFT artwork. This becomes a tangible extension of the NFT experience, providing a multisensory journey for community members who can savor and share their digital passion in the physical world.

2.2 Exclusive Merchandise Line:

The SEI Tabbies brand extends its footprint with an exclusive merchandise line that transcends the boundaries of the digital canvas. Featuring meticulously crafted apparel, accessories, and collectibles adorned with SEI Tabbies’ distinctive art and branding, this line becomes a symbol of exclusivity for token holders. Through privileged access, discounts, and exclusive releases, SEI Tabbies holders not only showcase their digital allegiance but also engage with the project on a tangible, personal level, fostering a deeper connection between the virtual and physical realms.

2.3 Collaboration with Local Artists:

SEI Tabbies actively engages with local artists, transforming the digital art collection into physical masterpieces through collaborative endeavors. By collaborating with artists from the local community, SEI Tabbies not only supports the creative industry but also provides token holders with the opportunity to own unique physical art pieces inspired by the NFT collection. These collaborations bridge the gap between the digital and physical art worlds, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the SEI Tabbies ecosystem and the broader artistic community.

SEI Tabbies Gaming Cafes: In-Depth Revenue Model and Distribution

Let’s delve into the nuanced breakdown of our diversified revenue streams and their thoughtfully allocated distribution:

1. Gaming Cafes:

Hourly Rates for PCs/Playstations:

-> Peeps will be engaged through competitive hourly rates for accessing our state-of-the-art gaming PCs and Playstations, creating an environment where both casual and dedicated gamers can indulge in a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

Food and Drinks:

— A meticulously curated menu of gaming-inspired snacks, meals, and beverages will be offered, not just as sustenance but as an integral part of the overall gaming experience. Revenue generated from these culinary offerings contributes significantly to the profitability of the gaming cafes.

NFT Holder Discounts:

— Acknowledging the pivotal role of our early adopters and NFT holders, SEI Tabbies NFT holders will benefit from exclusive discounted hourly rates, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for their commitment to the SEI Tabbies journey.

Raffle Platform

Entry Fees for Raffles

— The Raffle Platform will serve as a dynamic engagement avenue, hosting regular gaming-related raffles that attract both NFT holders and non-holders. Entry fees collected for these raffles will contribute to the overall revenue pool, adding excitement to the community.

Royalties from Secondary NFT Market

— SEI Tabbies will secure a steady revenue stream by earning royalties exclusively from the secondary market sales of NFTs. As the value and demand for the SEI Tabbies NFT collection grow, this stream becomes an intrinsic part of our sustained financial health.

Revenue Distribution

Holders (SEI Tabbies Holders): 50%

A substantial 50% of the total revenue generated will be meticulously allocated to SEI Tabbies holders. This commitment ensures that the community, which lies at the heart of SEI Tabbies, directly benefits from the success and growth of the project, fostering a symbiotic relationship.

Expansion: 40%

A significant 40% of the revenue will be strategically earmarked for expanding the SEI Tabbies ecosystem. This includes visionary initiatives such as acquiring additional gaming cafes, enhancing NFT-themed offerings, and exploring innovative avenues for community engagement.

Marketing: 5%

— A dedicated 5% of the revenue will be allocated to marketing efforts, encompassing a comprehensive spectrum of promotional activities, strategic partnerships, and targeted campaigns. The objective is to amplify the visibility of SEI Tabbies Gaming Cafes, attracting a wider audience and solidifying our position in the gaming community.

Team: 5%

— The remaining 5% will be thoughtfully allocated to the dedicated team behind SEI Tabbies. This allocation ensures a sustainable, motivated, and skilled team, committed to delivering exceptional experiences within the gaming cafes and actively contributing to the overall growth and success of the project.

In essence, the comprehensive revenue model of SEI Tabbies Gaming Cafes is not only tailored to create unforgettable experiences for our patrons but is intricately designed to nurture the vibrant SEI Tabbies community, drive strategic expansion, and leverage innovative marketing strategies for sustained success in the dynamic landscape of gaming and NFTs.

All our incomes through these channels is shared amongst our holders on a monthly basis directly in SEI tokens!

By seamlessly integrating thrilling digital experiences with tangible real-world benefits, SEI Tabbies not only captures the attention of its community but also ensures the sustainable growth of the project in the long term. Through this holistic approach, SEI Tabbies redefines the possibilities of NFT projects, setting a new standard for the convergence of the digital and physical worlds.